Saturday, September 3, 2011

And Still My Heart Sweats

The Japandroids, Post-Nothing

Even though the first time I heard this record was in the listless void that is an Alaskan winter, I immediately understood that this album is a love letter to the greatest summer of your entire life. A summer that was far more exciting in the rear view that it was while unfolding. The content of the album offers unlimited opportunity for tasteless irony and cliched nostalgia, but this record is unpretentious and honest, leaving little room for humor.  Loving girls, and quitting girls and being left by girls, boys leaving small towns to realize and actualize the seemingly infinite opportunity of the universe, cheap beer, impossibly good friends and french kissing for hours, help vaguely define our "better time" of youthful innocence and ignorance. For a two piece band these songs are fantastically full bodied.

Be prepared to Facebook stalk your first girlfriend.

We'll leave tonight and
We'll leave together
They'll say that ain't right and I'll say whatever
Leave all our friends back home

No talk of sons and all talk of daughters
We'll find a little place by the water
 Forget all our friends back home

I'll do the talking, you'll write the letters
I'll sing the beatles and you'll sing them better
Forget all our friends back home

It's raining in Vancouver
But I don't give a fuck
Cuz I'm far from home tonight

It's raining in Vancouver
But i don't give a fuck
Cuz i'm in love with you tonight....

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Best Band Name Ever

Bass Drum Of Death, GB City

These guys create brutal,  heavily distorted, minimalist garage.  Their music might leave you with the implication that there are 4 or 5 people on stage but these incoherent genius's of violence are brilliant in their ability to create a sonic wall that could match a thrash-punk orchestra. If you put this on at a party, be prepared to clean the house up not with a broom, but with a shovel and a wheel barrow.

Grab your power tools before you download: GB City