Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dutch Oven of Awesome

I've been jammin this all day, thought I'd share it. One of my favorite stoner rock records from last year. The band is The Machine, they're a three-piece from Holland, not the Pink Floyd cover band; and they conjure some of the heaviest sludgiest Kyuss-esque stoner rock ever. If you're into bluesy psychedelic stoner rock that'll plod you into the bowel of your couch for all eternity, this might be for you? Does that even make sense? All I know is i'm taken aback every single time I throw this record on. It's super groovy, super heavy, and super psychedelic-the three things I strive for in everyday life. I'm an idiot, whatever-just listen to it.

The Machine - "Drie"



  1. apparently the first link i had up was bad. i re-uploaded the files, so there should be no problems in the future.