Saturday, June 18, 2011

Alpha Beta Fix

Sound Tribe Sector 9, Peaceblaster(2008) "The New Soma"

STS9 has always been one of my favorite live acts. Although primarily Electronic, they meld Jazz, Rock, Hip-hop breakbeats, and tastes of classical. Each of their songs sets a theme, which they push and stretch the webbing and limits of, until they find a comfortable place where they settle momentarily then transpose the bastard into something else entirely.  Each songs specific set of experimental stipulations provides stark contrast in tone. Easily moving between spaces of positive, peace-love-dope vibrations, then, apparently no longer content with tranquility, they plunge with speed and force into the confusing, tempestuousness writhing in the cores, of their alienated community of an audience in this post-industrial age. There is an immediate sense of House influence here, but I assure you the percussion is far more exotic and complex than your typical warehouse bullshit. The layering is deep, and flows effortlessly through loops, and keyboards and synthesizers to funk-jam style guitars and bass lines. A song can often sound like two or three by the time it is said and done.  They are very atmospheric, almost visual, I can watch the album with my eyes closed.

The New Soma

-kori auditory

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