Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Less Deadly than the actual Disease

This is a band that was birthed in the eclectic melting pot of Los Angeles, California. As far as new "world" music goes, these guys are IT. I know that's saying a lot, since "world" is such a ranged, loose genre, but I'm not taking it lightly. When most of the gunk coming out of "world" these days is contemporary and traditional these guys are hip and unpredictable.
Lo-fi psychedelic funk with eastern influenced surfy guitars, sax solos, all fronted by the beautiful Chhom Nimol who is a Cambodian goddess singing mostly in her native Khmer tongue with a 60s pop vibe. The mix is perfect. A lot of their earlier stuff is a lot more lo-fi and surfy and although it's still a huge part in this new one, the production soars over anything else they've ever done in the past and I love it. If you dig classy Indian and Southeast-Asian pop and you also like to funk it up, this is for you. Their grooves are massive, and even if she's not singing in English you'll be singing along the top of your lungs. I love love love Dengue Fever and I want you to too. This is a glimpse of one of my favorite tunes from the one that came out earlier this year, although you need to hear more to get a grasp on their entire sound. So download it. It's there for you.

Dengue Fever - Cannibal Courtship

-B↓åçk Ræñb°∙○

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